Here at GEST Real Estate we deliver only exceptional services to our landlords establishing ourselves as one of Perth's most prestigious Property Managers. We seek to create a harmonious and mutually supportive environment with our landlords which enables our Property Managers and support staff to work together to ensure that every transaction is conducted legally, ethically, professionally and with true integrity. Now the last thing you need is Property Management Company that views your investment property as rental property only and not an as valuable asset. We see your investment property as your most important asset and a part of your financial future. So, benefits of a quality Property Management are endless.

  1. Gest Real Estate Customer Service Centre provides all Property Management information you need
  2. Gest Real Estate Property Managers look after your interest
  3. We aim to exceed our landlord's expectations throughout the rental process
  4. You will always be attended by highly qualified Property Managers

Because of the diversity of property types and constant introduction of new legislation, Property Management has become complex and has in fact developed specialties within its own discipline. A high standard of Property Management can only, in our opinion, be achieved by involving the expertise of a Professional Property Management Agency.

Gest Real Estate's first priority is to look after you, the investment owner. With our knowledge and commitment to Property Management, it can re, ieve you of the problems and aggravations sometimes caused.

Property Management is no longer just a matter of collecting and remitting rentals. It is now a specialized area of Real Estate practice which has been geared to handle both the physical and financial complexities of property ownership today.

Some of the benefits to the Landlord appointing a professional Property Manager at Gest Real Estate are:

  1. Regular Communication
  2. Effective marketing
  3. Careful tenant selection
  4. Thorough agreement preparation
  5. Thorough property condition report with digital photos
  6. Regular Inspections
  7. Prompt Rent Collection
  8. Strict Rent Arrears Control
  9. Organizing of Repairs and Maintenance
  10. Annual Financial Statements
  11. Optimum income
  12. Commitment

We act on your behalf but YOU always get the final decision!

With our dedicated Property Management Team you are rest assured that your Investment is in good hands Contact us today for more information.